15 Guaranteed Ways To Get Him To Chase You

Men like to chase a woman they’re wooing. However, in the modern world, some people believe the concept of getting a man to chase you is antiquated and not worth the independent woman’s time, and sometimes this is true. Men are often hardwired to chase what they want; the cavemen DNA will always be there. If there’s no changing this instinct in men, women can learn to use it to their advantage. Once there’s a man in your sights, it’s not always an easy task to get them to chase you. Also, with women not wanting to adhere to gender rules as often as they once did, the rules of relationships and dating have changed. Some women like to be the ones doing the chasing, and prefer to be the ones to take the lead. Some guys do like that but some do not. And for those who do not like it, this behavior CAN often be a turn-off for men because they are not able to participate in the chase they are so eagerly after. When a woman throws herself at one of these men there isn't much left for him to do and it can leave little to be desired. If you want him to chase after you then you'll have to make yourself less available and a little hard to get.

This is not to say that we should be doing all we can to get guys. We matter and we should be focused on ourselves and our happiness but if this is the type of guy you are after then you need to remember the following tips.

Here are fifteen ways to get that man you are after to pursue you.

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15Stop chasing

First and foremost, you must stop chasing men. As women have become more independent, they have become more aggressive when it comes to dating and pursuing men. And this is fine in many cases but when dealing with certain guys, we must change our dating game up.


you chase after this specific type of guy, you’re taking away that rush that comes from engaging in a pursuit. If a man sees you as an easy conquest, he’ll have no interest. Even though it seems silly that only the man should be the one calling and asking for dates, not chasing is one way to guarantee he will be more interested in chasing after you. Of course you'll want to be responsive to the chase otherwise it may seem as though you're not interested, and he'll move on to someone else. When it comes to the chase some women will make themselves completely unavailable and when the man moves on they have a hard time understanding where they went wrong. You'll want to be unavailable but still show him you're interested which is what's going to keep this game going.

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